Quality Photos Make All the Difference!
We know the importance of having high quality photos on your real estate listing when selling your home.  

As a result, I strive to produce inspiring high-quality, high-resolution photos that make potential buyers want to visit your listing. 

With the help of my wife, who is a licensed real estate assistant, we work closely with agents and sellers to prepare each home before our arrival for photos.  We want to present your home at its best and deliver timely quality photos to implement your marketing strategy.

The amount of time a photo shoot takes will vary depending upon the size of the home, but for a typical home 2-1/2 hours is a good benchmark. 

After the photo shoot is complete, I generally spend several hours selecting and processing the photos to produce a polished final product -- impressive photos with true, accurate colors and no rounded or slanting walls.

Our high standards and unparalleled customer service make agents who try us out our long-term customers.

Give us a try!

Contact Manuela Thompson at 505-250-8328
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